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Re: Jeff's X-Plane Scenery for SoCal and Beyond

PostPosted: Sun Apr 05, 2015 5:47 pm
by Nelson L.
Jeff N wrote:Some of you may be aware of the incredible KSAN/KMYF/KCRQ package released on the org by MisterX6. Fantastic, ground breaking work. But..some have asked me if there's a way to run his KSAN and KMYF while keeping my KCRQ.

My Palomar airport is a little more detailed (stock XP10 objects notwithstanding) but his photo scenery and buildings/trees around the vicinity of the field are a major plus.

If you know your way around WorldEditor (WED), you can simply open his KSAN package (download the optional add-on that contains the WED file) and in the top right window pane of WED, open the KCRQ folder and hide (click the eye next to) all the subfolders other than the area buildings, orthos and forests. Then save and export.

You'll get my airport layout, objects and corrected roads along with his high def ortho imagery and surrounding buildings and trees. Best of both worlds.

Now...I wonder if I can convince him to take over KPSP...

Was just trying to get around to this when I realized that I have never touched WED in my life.... Tonight's plan was to get this done and go do a flight from KSAN-KLAS. Instead, I spent 1.5 hours (yes, 90 minutes) trying to figure out how to get things to show up on the Hierarchy Pane - then I realized you have to import the Aghhhhh! After all that, I now realize I don't know which objects to hide and which to leave, seeing as they aren't conveniently labeled "airport" and "area buildings, orthos and forests". So - I made a video for all you smart people to laugh at my stupidity. If anyone could help and determine which of the folders I hid were supposed to be hid and if I even saved/exported the thing right, I would be very thankful.....

Password - Pilotedge

Video is "in-line" - will be available for viewing 42 minutes after this post

Edit - And yes, I did read the WED manual, and nowhere in it did it mention that you have to import to get the Hierarchy List to show...

Re: Jeff's X-Plane Scenery for SoCal and Beyond

PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2015 5:27 pm
by Nelson L.
While I feel somewhat guilty about bumping a support question, I'm going to do it anyways seeing as Google isn't helping much (call me selfish)... Seeing as the video has a total of 0 views (according to Vimeo), I'll simplify my questions:

1. Am I correct that I have to import to get the Hierarchy List to show?

2. How do I differentiate between files to hide and files to not hide?

3. Could someone verify the process of saving and exporting the

Complete idiot in WED, so any and all help is appreciated. Would love to be able to keep Jeff and Adam's KCRQ and KMYF respectively, but I'm starting to think that for me, its one or the other - and seeing as I'm transitioning to jets - :(

Re: Jeff's X-Plane Scenery for SoCal and Beyond

PostPosted: Mon Aug 10, 2015 11:34 am
by twharrell
Nelson, I have a similar question, so you are not an idiot. I can answer your question about importing the airport.dat file and the answer is no, you don't. In order to populate the hierarchy window you do need to have the (forget the actual file name) file along with your KSAN folder. Thus file is included with the scenery pack. However, the issue I am having is after hiding the files I want hidden, when I try to export I get an error about double ATC nodes and thus I cannot export the edited scenery. Head scratcher.