XPlane 10.51 Freezes and need to restart it

XPlane 10.51 Freezes and need to restart it

Postby Slamovits » Fri Oct 20, 2017 3:26 am

Hello everybody!
Since I installed the new Plugin, my Xplane 10.51 Freezes in the middle of the flight, sometimes after 5 seconds more or less it keeps working but sometimes it keeps freeze and I need to start the Task Manager in Windows and make Xplane to stop.
My WIFI connection is not Excelent, i know it and Im trying to fix it. I need to use a wifi connection because i have a big system using project magenta software and many net connected computers ( 5 computers)

The last time I used PE with the older plugin all worked great, even with my actual wifi. Since I download and installed the new PE plugin things got worst.
Any idea?

My system is:
Windows 7/64
Xplane 10.51 Boxed version
1 main computer and 2 more external views computers (vsproslave.ini edited to "2")
Xplane works great without being conneceted to PE. Also works while Im connected, just in the middlle od the flight has this issues)
Im using Skymaxx and Soundmaxx, Xassign.

Thanks in advance!
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