XP11 530 Losing the localizer?

XP11 530 Losing the localizer?

Postby awilliams » Sun Nov 12, 2017 2:58 pm

Today on vectors to join the localizer 29R at KTOA I experienced a weird bug.

I was flown through the localizer, and all indications looked normal. The HSI centered up and glideslope came alive. Once the localizer hit full deflection after flying through the course, the HSI flagged the localizer and glideslope. I assumed the vectors back to the approach course would fix it, but the HSI never reacquired the ILS. The approach remained flagged all the way to the runway. I double, triple checked that the 530 was on the correct frequency and set to VLOC. If I'm not mistaken the DME was still working.

Strange that everything looked right until I was flown through the localizer. Anyone else experience anything like this? I was flying the default King Air C90 if that matters. Maybe this is a PEBKAC issue?

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Re: XP11 530 Losing the localizer?

Postby Kyle.Sanders » Sun Nov 12, 2017 3:17 pm

I believe that X-Plane can fail the Glide Slope. By default, the sim has "Random Failures" turned on. It sounds like the GS was failed due to the sim settings.
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