groundspeed correction plugin

groundspeed correction plugin

Postby Keith Smith » Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:48 pm

A user emailed me with a link to this plugin: ... autospeed/

I haven't tried it but thought I'd share. It could be really handy for people who experience lower frame rates in congested terminal areas.
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Re: groundspeed correction plugin

Postby ccrepon88 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 9:23 am

Hi, all. I am the user who submitted this, actually. Just wanted to say that my own method, using X-Plane 11 with lesser than adequate hardware specs, involved using 3jfps-wizard and 3jclouds as well, two other FlyWithLua scripts. Of course they did the best they could, after some tinkering, to bring my max FPS around 17 to 18 at night in the cockpit, but controllers were still noticing my movement across their scope didn't match my reported airspeed or speeds. Finally, after just living with this, being taken out of sequence (on other networks, can't say PilotEdge would do that), a nice controller told me about this plugin. Ever since, literally not one has thrown at me that expected question "Hey...[callsign], are you using X-Plane by any chance?" :) Hope it works for you... and of course in the spirit of full disclosure I don't have anything to do with developing the plugin or anything connected with it.

Important: Obviously, read the text written by the developer - just to be sure, though, this one goes in FlyWithLua's scripts folder. It does not go simply in the regular plugins folder. Good luck.
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