Aerobask Robin DR401 freeware

Aerobask Robin DR401 freeware

Postby John_Cawley » Tue Jun 19, 2018 2:42 pm

I see Aerobask is offering a free Robin DR401 for XP11 today. And why not? it's gets them good press and eyes on their products.

What intrigues me, though, is the prospect of getting real manufacturers to do it. Has anyone considered this? If Robin Aircraft, for example, decided to release an accurate sim plane along with each real world aircraft, competitors might feel compelled to do the same and make it industry standard practice. I don't care for the marketing per se, but for making XP11 offerings richer. I wonder whether manufacturers are aware of XP11 fidelity and the growing user base.

Your thoughts? Or am I alone in thinking this is interesting?

John C.
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