PE MFKLC error

PE MFKLC error

Postby webstalle » Wed Oct 10, 2018 9:25 am

While flying the Sky High #2 Scenario (SKY777) after joining V263 X-Plane crashed:

XP 11.26 on Windows 10.
X-Plane crashed due to the pilotedge Plugin (as per X-Plane Logfile)

Contents of pilotegde.stdout:
Starting up: PilotEdge client, V1.5.0
initVoice with device {}.{211d8e27-fe4c-4657-9dc8-d2a7e06f1ac7}, returned 0
PilotEdge initialized
Entered deferred startup
completed deferred startup
Setting up connection details...
Checking for slaves...
external IP #1:
external IP #2:
Checking for server file...
Checking for voice service file...
looking for D:\XP11.20\Aircraft\FluSi\Cessna 172SP\PE_voltage.txt
looking for D:\XP11.20\Aircraft\FluSi\Cessna 172SP\PE_groundspeed.txt
looking for D:\XP11.20\Aircraft\FluSi\Cessna 172SP\PE_com_selector.txt
looking for D:\XP11.20\Aircraft\FluSi\Cessna 172SP\PE_com1_frequency.txt
Connecting SKY777 with ICAO type: C172
Connected to PilotEdge Server
Connected to PilotEdge Voice
Sent voice ids to server: 40,41
Checking for traffic relay file...
COM1 is now considered to be off
COM2 is now considered to be off
COM1 is now considered to be off
COM1 is now considered to be off
COM2 is now considered to be off
Error in MFLC
entered disconnect callback, calling disconnect
VSProClient: disconnect() entered
MessageController::sendMsg entered: msg = QUIT
status = 45

Before starting over I would like to know what went wrong with thebPEW Client.
Internet Connection was up and runniung all the time.

XP 11.25,3 x Windows 10 64bit
I-11, CAT-11, Sky #1
A2Z #35, A2Z WUS #13
N4436E (C172)
3 x( i7-6700k, nVidia GTX 1080 Ti, 16GB DDR4) CLS-E-Yoke & Rudder
water cooled
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Re: PE MFKLC error

Postby Keith Smith » Wed Oct 10, 2018 11:31 pm

Unless there is a stack trace from X-Plane showing where it crashed, I'm unable to tell what the case was based on the information that was presented. "Error in MFLC" does indicate that there was a run-time issue with the main routine in the plugin, but it isn't specific enough for me to nail it down.
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