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I am an XP11 user, two years. Using XP11.3 now. I am new to PE, just a month or so. So far I have made it to CAT 9 rating, and enjoying the pursuit so far.
Starting yesterday 10/14/2018, I noticed I was unable to raise KTOA ground on 120.9. I tried the test Keith Smith suggested on this forum, tuning both comms to an unused frequeny (I used 136.0) and listening on both. I can then hear my voice coming back over the system just fine when I transmit, so the mic and ptt is clearly working. PTT is mapped to the ENTER key, as always. I can sometimes call 120.9 and ask for a radio check, which is 'loud and clear'. Then, within seconds, I can make a longer call (in this case for my CAT 10 request for clearance) on the same frequency, and I get no response. I can go back to the 136.0 loopback test and it still works fine. I can quite XPlane and restart, and same problem. I can reboot the CPU and same problem. I have never had this problem before, so something, somewhere, must have changed, but I know not what. So I am currently out of business here entirely. I am using the freebee C172 G1000 for XPlane, which has been working fine up til now. It acts as if a longer transmission will not work, only a short one?
I switched to a different airplane, the TBM850. Same exact problem as described above, so it appears to be airplane -independent.
Any ideas?
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Interesting, I had a very similar experience on Friday. I have a fresh install of Windows 10 and X-Plane 11, having used PilotEdge for a couple of years but not on this new install which I only got completed a week ago. On Friday I had a heck of a time picking up a clearance. I performed the same COMM check and when I asked on frequency for a radio check I got a response, but picking up a clearance took my many attempts. I was half thinking the controllers were just really busy but in my experience they will normally acknowledge my existence and ask me to standby.
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Postby Keith Smith » Wed Oct 31, 2018 5:10 am

This turned out to be due to having a keyboard-based PTT and a screen focus issue.
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