Latest update .3

Latest update .3

Postby Mr H » Sun Jan 13, 2019 8:19 pm

Anybody having issues with new update and PE? I got an ultra rare crash last night, while on PE with new update, and tonight, after trying to login to PE, the software stops responding. I flew earlier in the day with a purchased plane and no PE, and it did fine. IDK that I’ve got any settings changed, it just won’t allow me to login to PE. Update: I was able to login on about the fourth attempt. Maybe an anomaly. And I stayed on for about an hour and everything went well. Finicky machine, these computers. Would be interested in hearing of other issues with newest update. Frame rates did go down a tad, due to more scenery, but there are now buildings at my home field. Also stock C172 flies/stalls more realistically. And they did offer more options to fine tune the sensitivity of the yoke/pedals/throttle. We will see
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