reprogramming PFC Cirrus Flight console for X-Plane

reprogramming PFC Cirrus Flight console for X-Plane

Postby Thomas_Horn » Wed Oct 02, 2019 6:08 am

might be slightly offtopic, but I know that some experienced software developers are on this forum, so I will give it a try ;)
I own a Cirrus PFC flight console (USB version) from Precision Flight control which I use for my PE flights, it works fine, but I would need different switch commands in X-Plane 11 for different airplanes. Since it is a Windows HID Device (but not a regular joystick): Do you think it is possible/feasable to write a custom driver for the flight console without support from the manufacturer? I have programming skills in C#, but never programmed any drivers before...

For Prepar3D it is possible to reprogram some of the functionality with Lua, but I guess for X-Plane I would need to write a complete new driver.

Thanks, Thomas
X-Plane 11.32, Windows 10, 4.8 GHz 7700K, 16 GB RAM. 4K 55'' Screen resolution with Nvidia GTX 1070. ELITE and PFC flight controls
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Re: reprogramming PFC Cirrus Flight console for X-Plane

Postby B1900Mech » Thu Nov 07, 2019 7:52 pm

I have the cirrus II console,and am in the process of totally rewiring with the Leo Bodnar Boards, ... 8101d881f5
I have done the pitch and roll with these Hall effect potentiometers, ... ND/2620661
Unfortunately,the standard Cirrus pots and boards are high priced garbage. I had to Rube Golberg the linkages to the exsisting Yoke to the new Pots with manufactured brackets,and some leftover RC heli linkages. It now works like it should have,for the $$$ I spent......

Here are some photos of my work ... 0II?page=1
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