Xplane 11.5x lost navpoints

Xplane 11.5x lost navpoints

Postby silberztein » Tue Sep 29, 2020 1:24 am


since I have upgraded XPlane to 11.5x (Vulkan), my gns530 does no longer recognize any nav waypoints, e.g.: VPLQM, VPLVT, VPLHP, VPLMS etc.

I reinstalled Xplane with a clean install (I did add Saitek, SpadNext, realSimGear and Pilotedge plugins), but no luck.

I contacted XPlane support and they told me the upgrade did not touch the navigation database.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? What should I enter in my GPS if an ATC controller tells me to go to Huntington Pier (VPLHP) or Mile Square Park (VPLMS)?
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Re: Xplane 11.5x lost navpoints

Postby Kevin_atc » Tue Sep 29, 2020 5:21 am

Iirc, the VFR points have never been in there. Are you certain you used to be able to access them? Also, do you use an add on database such as navigraph?
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Re: Xplane 11.5x lost navpoints

Postby Keith Smith » Tue Sep 29, 2020 6:35 am

Knowing that you don't have the waypoints, you can navigate visually to those references. They are visual reference points, after all.

The pier sits on the shoreline about 3/4 of the way along the Charlie shelf before the boundary. It also sits equidistant between the inlets near SLI and SNA. Lastly, it's not difficult to use the El Toro VOR (ELB), the pier appears to be the ELB 250 radial.

I've also navigated visually to Miles Square Park before. Standard VFR navigation techniques can brought to the fight, it doesn't always have to be about the GPS :)
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Re: Xplane 11.5x lost navpoints

Postby silberztein » Sun Oct 04, 2020 1:05 am

@Kevin: I am 100% sure all these navpoints have always been there, since I joined Pilotedge and until 11.50 Vulkan. Actually, I am surprised that no other Pilotedge user is missing them, as to fly the LAX Southbound Miniroute, one is required to either fly from navpoint SMO to navpoint VPLSR, or set the VOR1 radial to 128° (good luck getting this value on XPplane's VOR gauge).

@Keith: yes indeed navpoints can be guestimated by comparing the LAX TAC map and the GNS530 Charlie boundary markings. No big deal, I will go back to relying on VORs and sight guessing.
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Re: Xplane 11.5x lost navpoints

Postby Marcus Becker » Sun Oct 04, 2020 1:38 pm

Required? Not at all! I've flown all of the LAX Bravos without GPS waypoints.
If you use Navigraph or navdata updater, it is possible that they removed the waypoints.
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