so what does it take....

so what does it take....

Postby darrenvox » Sun Apr 05, 2020 3:54 pm

to make fs9 work for PE correctly for new members, like as i download and install, whats the process thats getting 13 of the same posts over and over about the exact same thing or whatever!!
I came here as i thought it would be cool to be able to fly online with fs9 as vatsim did, but is not allowing fs9 and its subjugated connector program "squawk box" to be used anymore.I left vatsim 'cause some of the programs you need to use to connect with vatsim nowadays is not gonna work on my OS atm.

I was just thinking, what if pilot edge was a replacement and how easy is it to join and how much is it and stuff like that, and noticed its working on some old OS, but to find that logging in and figuring this out can be a bumpy ride that I can not hold onto!?1? I'm really not happy with the way you've conducted yourself, I also know that you're main "forte" of sims is fsx and p3d and that's fine, I know just about a handful of flightsim based groups, programs or services out there, they provide prograsm that work for a few sims inclding fs9 that will say "we specify fsx and p3d and xplane because of its so well known, wrre not going to give much to fs9 side of things" and even I know the fact is that it's hard for them to work on the older sim because it's so out of date and stuff, its hard to rember what to do for those cerain programs and how to set this up and stuff and it stresses some of the group creators out when they were so happy with flying onnewer sims... you see that it rarely does stress us out with new fs utility creators that mesh fs9 with fsx though... they can easily learn/know how to fix certain issues because they constantly make arrangements and confluence to work alongside people so they don't stress too much

I get that, I do, I understand why moderators and admins are confused here you know... I don't think we are trying to change constitutions here but if it isn't working for some, stopped a few from coming back (I'm sure), and not working for others and even when you join,login, download the program and load it up, then why would you mention it works for fs9 when it clearly has too much of a steep learning curve to make it run properly!! I'm like "ok with that" I understand that you don't want to come back to this kind of thing but it gets not only you angry and stressed but us fs2004 users too. so who is helping who here?? ..

I've seen enough groups, clubs, and online stuff go down the drain cause some guy (owner) thought it would be cool to list a certain program that would work well with another certain program real well but you find out after a while they don't... why is this like that here?, if it doesn't work for fs9 as easy as it seems, (like out of the box and running } take the connectivity for fs9 rather not listen to a few courageous people who created this for really good uses to play with the minds of fs2004 users. I'm not standing for it, and i choose to leave because of it... in the kind words of Robert Herjavec and others "I'm Out!!"
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Re: so what does it take....

Postby Scott Medeiros » Tue Apr 07, 2020 7:37 am

FS2004 is supported by PilotEdge.

The website provides documentation on how to download and install here, as well as connect using PilotEdge for FS2004 here

Following these instructions to the letter should help get you started properly.

The program is nearly 17 years old, and only a very small percentage of users are still using it for their main flight simulator. So it's understandable that peer support from the community is just not there. MSFS products are pretty customizeable (although it takes an entire library of 3rd party programs to learn and use), which means almost everyone's build is different, as are their windows machines. I know just how frustrating it can be to have a highly customize sim misbehave due to 3rd party programs not playing nice with Windows, believe me.

Instead of letting your emotions get the best of you, please post the exact errors or issues you're experiencing and maybe someone will be able to help.

The PilotEdge experience really is an entirely different level of simulation and realism, and I hope you don't let computer issues derail your desire for high fidelity flight training.

Good Luck!
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Re: so what does it take....

Postby Keith Smith » Mon Jul 27, 2020 1:17 pm

I realize this is an old post, which shows that I don't visit the FS2004 forum, however, a few points:
1) your PE trial expired in 2016, so, unless you've created another account since then (under a different name), this hasn't cost you a penny...
2) there are no support emails from you from the email address associated with your forum account
3) contrary to what you have posted, the client was working at the time the client was released. We actually had that tested prior to testing FSX, in fact. So, the notion that it has never worked is incorrect.

I understand that it's not well supported in the forum. The simple fact is that the machine I used to use for FS9 testing died quite a while ago, and in absence of more than maybe 2-3 FS9 inquiries via tech support in the past 5 years, nobody has asked about it via formal channels. The forum is generally for community level support. If there was a deluge of FS9 users, I would potentially make an effort to get it installed/configured again, but that simply hasn't been the case.

So, in light of the fact that you weren't a member at the time of writing, and never reached out via our formal support channel, I don't think we did anything wrong here, other than not pay more attention to the FS2004 forum. I know of nobody on staff, or myself that uses the simulator, though, so we're going to be of limited help. This, then, is truly a community support area for now.
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