Primer: fueling

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Primer: fueling

Postby Keith Smith » Sat Jul 23, 2011 5:17 pm

There are three things to know about fuel in FSEconony:

1) The ONLY time you pay a fuel bill when renting an aircraft is if you rent the plane 'DRY'. At the end of the flight, you are charged based on fuel BURNED.

2) If you rent the aircraft "WET" then you do not pay for the fuel used during the flight. Instead, you pay a fixed amount per hour for the aircraft. That rate is constant whether you are holding short of a runway awaiting IFR release or whether you are enroute in cruise.

3) If you refuel the airplane, the OWNER pays the bill for that fuel.

The decision as to when to refuel the plane, and how much to add should have NOTHING to do with're not paying for the aircraft to be refueled. Fuel adds weight and reduces the amount of cargo you can carry. Carry only the fuel you need.

It is considered poor form to leave an aircraft with excessive fuel remaining at the end of the flight. This deprives the next user of the ability to carry much cargo. Understand the fuel burn of the aircraft (it's shown in the aircraft specs page in FSE), work out how long you'll be flying, add a buffer for reserves, and that is the fuel you require for the flight. If there isn't enough, then refuel the airplane to the level that you need.

Deciding on wet vs dry is not easy. Do you anticipate doing a lot of taxi, runups, or waiting for other aircraft? If you rent wet, you're paying big bucks for when the airplane is sitting on the taxiway with engines running.
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Re: Primer: fueling

Postby Calvin Waterbury » Thu Nov 17, 2011 5:59 pm

4. If you fly FS9/FSX never pull up to the feul pump or get close to it. If you do there is a sneaky little fellow that will top off your tanks that I like to call the "Phantom Pheuler" :mrgreen:

It may sound great to get "free" fuel, but the BoD will catch it eventually (not good); however, the biggest problem is like Keith stated above, there won't be any decent room for cargo.
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Re: Primer: fueling

Postby jdzurisin » Fri Nov 18, 2011 7:37 am

Damn you Phantom!
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