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Back Country Air Service Inc

Postby Kilstorm » Thu Jan 19, 2017 7:52 am

Back Country Air Service Inc was created in FSE over 10 years ago based out of Stewart, BC CZST my FSE member Twig McGraw. He operated the business with a C185 and later sold the business to me, Kilstorm McBride. I later moved the business from the Canadian Back Country down to the Back Country of Idaho providing service to a few remote USFS locations in the Salmon-Challis Forest based out of Sulphur Creek Ranch ID74. Later expanding to opening up a home base at KIDA Idaho Falls and growing the fleet to a Super Cub, C210, C340 and Twin Otter.

At BCAS peak we had 4 base locations of which included West Yellowstone KWYS and KIDA. After sometime, BCAS made some downsizing changes and even sold out of KIDA only to return about a year later but as a smaller more focused operator which is who we are today. Back Country Air Service is both a small personal jet charter operator based out of KIDA with our Embraer Phenom 300 N85OHP and to remain true to our roots a back country service provider based out of KWYS with our Twotter N300BC.

Our KIDA jet center provides flights on demand to the following locations:

As you can see, even though we are a jet charter provider we still enjoy flying into the sticks with many of our locations. For our operations out of KWYS we are a schedule airline service with a route between KBZN - KWYS - KJAC and return. Our callsign is Badger, ICAO is BAC and IATA is BC.

In 2017 we are very excited to see a new look at our KIDA location with Turbulent Designs soon to premiere their KIDA as it will complete our airport destination improvement look which will offer service to all high quality addon airports.

All of our flight ops are public to pilot for hire as I am away from the office to work on opening up a new division based out of KDEN and what will be our sister operator Rocky Mountain Airways. So if you are looking for a great PE flight using a small private jet in both controlled and non controlled airports using the hidden gem features of the Expanded Western Area, take a look at KIDA and KWYS for job offers!
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