KIDA v$1.5million give away Grand Re-Opening contest

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KIDA v$1.5million give away Grand Re-Opening contest

Postby Kilstorm » Wed Jul 26, 2017 11:00 am


Welcome to the new Idaho Falls KIDA!

In FSE I have been running the FBO at KIDA for some time and see it as a great place for bush and executive flights. With travelers looking to fly to the lovely Orbx airports of KJAC, KWYS and KBZN. So with Turbulent Designs releasing its Idaho Falls KIDA on July 31st for FSX, P3D v3 and v4 I've decided to have a Grand Re-Opening.

To celebrate this we are holding a contest for the month of August. From August 1st until August 31.

There will be 5 v$200,000 prizes to win for 5 different categories and 1 v$500,000 prize grand prize for the pilot who flies the most legs!

Here is how it works.

1) There are 5 different categories of planes. They are
a) Twin Otters (aerosoft or non-aerosoft version it doesnt matter)
b) Caravan
c) Beaver
d) any 4 seater plane
e) any executive jet under 16 seats

2) All planes must be privately owned and not a system plane.

3) All jobs must be inbound to KIDA

4) All flights must have only 2 jobs on them.
a) any of the green PT passengers traveling from KBZN, KWYS or KJAC
b) any system job destined for KIDA.

5) All flights must be flown for the group 'KIDA Grand Re-Opening Contest'

6) To win the category group you must have the highest paying system job out of all the pilots in that group. In the event of a tie I will use the each of the tied pilots second highest job to add it to their highest to get the new score.

So heres how one would go about participating. Determine which category you want to fly in and use a privately owned plane. Find a job that will fit in your plane inbound for KIDA that has been created by the system. Fly your plane to that location and pick it up and select to fly for the group KIDA Grand Re-Opening Contest. On your way to KIDA stop by either KBZN, KWYS or KJAC and pick up one of the passengers heading to KIDA. All the passengers will be private and held in the contest group. Only pick one up once you are at the airport and ready to depart. Fly to KIDA and log the flight. Thats it!

The prize for the most legs will be based on the amount of trips of the plane and not the pilot.

Lastly, all the money collected in the group will be given away as a prize plus a voucher for one of Turbulent Designs current or future products (released in the next 12 months) for the best screen shot of the new KIDA. For that prize you will need to post a screenshot of your plane at the Turbulent Designs KIDA addon from the ground or in the air. I will let the Turbulent Design team pick the winner and they will post the winner on their Facebook page!!!!

Any questions please post in this thread.
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