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Landing clearance by approach! :-)

Posted: Fri Apr 10, 2020 7:44 pm
by sqvision
Total chaos in Socal. Gosh what a stressful job do the PE controllers have. Way more stressful than realworld in these times..... Tonight I got a landing clearance by SoCal approach, totally skipping VNY tower. Listen this audio recording: ... _17510.mp3
I do receive my approach clearance at 34:34 and the controller doesn't correct my false readback. Due to the chaos on the frequency I wasn't able to step in earlier than on short final at 36:21. The SoCal approach controller gave me a quick landing clearance and when I made my readback and notified I was still with approach no action was taken. Once vacated the runway I contacted the new approach controller (they exchanged shift on the hour), notifying I was clear of the runway and still with approach. The logical blaim came quick: "Sir you cannot land without a landing clearance, contact tower". Well I had one it just wasn't issued by tower..... Neverless I do deeply respact all the hard work you ATC guys & girls do in these hectic times. Stay safe all.