Pilot Edge at it's Finest | Serious Action at Grand Canyon

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Pilot Edge at it's Finest | Serious Action at Grand Canyon

Postby MrGibbs » Sat Aug 08, 2015 7:52 am

Hello fellow PE Pilots!

A group flight into Grand Canyon had some interested turn of events last night that led to the most challenging and fun approach I've ever flown on Pilot Edge. Six guys took off from LA airports and headed to the Canyon. Several vectors enroute for spacing and then a surprising shift change to a new controller on approach. I guess Keith wasn't going to let us have all the fun!

On decent, Caynon went IFR (900 overcast) and being a non-radar airport, Keith started firing out hold clearances at the IAF (carms) for the ILS03 Approach. The tension was real! This was the first hold I have ever seen on Pilot Edge, IFR conditions and Keith being the scope, I had my pen handy and said a quick prayer that I didn't screw up and give everyone a "deal".

The final approach and hold into the airport were absolutely epic! Keith was on fire behind the scope and all the pilots sat up in their seats and did some flying. Everyone made it in smooth with at least one hold and we nearly had a fatality. Marcus (PE Controller) was struck by lighting and the famous 732-200 yaw dampener gave him a run for his money in hard IFR contiditions at 10000. His audio is hilarious and thanks to his exceptional piloting skills, he managed to evade an NTSB report.

Here is the approach from the first hold instructions Keith fired out to Max W. Sit back and enjoy the ride, it was epic!


Thank you to Harold and Keith for an awesome night on Pilot Edge, this is what the network is all about in my book. I'm sure it will be a long time before we get this sort of weather and the pleasure of working with Keith and HR again on this sort of approach.

Bravo to the whole pilot edge team! I have now renewed my membership through the year 2020.

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Re: Pilot Edge at it's Finest | Serious Action at Grand Can

Postby Keith Smith » Sat Aug 08, 2015 2:13 pm

Glad you liked it. You seemed convinced that you guys were seconds away from being yelled at nearly the whole time. You were fine, it was great!
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Re: Pilot Edge at it's Finest | Serious Action at Grand Can

Postby Nelson L. » Sat Aug 08, 2015 6:08 pm

Keith Smith wrote:seconds away from being yelled at nearly the whole time

Depends on who's on the scope... though 86% of the time... :roll: ;)
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