Video: PMDG DC-6 KSNA - KSFO (no AFE, full flight)

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Video: PMDG DC-6 KSNA - KSFO (no AFE, full flight)

Postby svilenv » Mon Jun 06, 2016 3:36 pm

After several flights heavily assisted by the virtual Flight Engineer, I decided to try a full online flight while managing all the systems manually. This is an unedited recording of how it went. It felt a bit overwhelming, with sweaty palms and heart rate through the roof on departure and approach, but very immersive and very rewarding in the end. The biggest challenge was managing the carb temps, as the optimal range is quite small and going a little above it quickly fries the engines. Overall after the initial shock subsides and one wraps their head around the systems and the gauge/switch positions, the aircraft becomes not too complex to manage, although a shared cockpit would fit it nicely in the future.

Here's the video, enjoy:
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