Bell N508UV XP11 Downtown LA video

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Bell N508UV XP11 Downtown LA video

Postby Kilstorm » Fri May 05, 2017 9:55 pm

I wanted to try out Shadowplay and also wanted to try a flight from Class D KVNY into Class C KBUR then on into downtown LA to land at one of the Heliports on top of a building. This was going to be a trial run of going from Class D right into Class C and I wasnt exactly sure how smooth it was going to go. So please and advice as to what I did wrong or how better to do this based off of my flight video...Im all ears.

I did forget to trun on my transponder before liftoff so you will see me do that, then dial in 1200, then turn it on to squawk altitude. Its kinda hard to find a camera angle to allow one to see me use the collective and all the goflight modules.

Heres the video.
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