I-11 Frequency VCV VOR-DME

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I-11 Frequency VCV VOR-DME

Postby Werner » Sun Jan 10, 2016 4:10 am

With the Navigraph FMS Data Manager I updated the AIRAC cycle to 1601 for x-plane on both platforms Linux and Windows.
On Windows side the Victorville VOR-DME frequency is now 109.05.
On Linux side I found in earth_nav.dat 10905 for the DME and 10940 for the VOR.
I changed the DME frequency to 10940 in order to see the distance.
Edit: The other possibility is to change the VOR frequency on Linux side to 10905.
Then the frequency for both VOR and DME is 109.05 as in real and also as on Windows side.
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