Encouragement to the Newbie

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Encouragement to the Newbie

Postby Dean33 » Sat Oct 28, 2017 4:18 pm

I’ve just been flying on the expansion area and a new user was struggling trying to file IFR.

The controller wasn’t able to help much due to other traffic.

I felt like reaching out with encouragement but kept silent of course.

To any new members don’t give up, do watch a few YouTube videos and work slowly through the CAT and IFR ratings.

Initially it’s like a torrent of info and often frequent mistakes. Once you’ve got the hang of it it’s brilliant here whatever the level of your real world experience.

In my case I’m pure simmer and after 2 years on Pilotedge I probably still make mistakes every flight.

Hope to hear the newbie back very soon!

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