Suggestion add a VR toggle on the flight plan

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Suggestion add a VR toggle on the flight plan

Postby killmaster » Tue Apr 23, 2019 12:44 pm

If possible I wanted to suggest to optional addition to the flight plan on the website, similar to the custom weather.
I would like the option to mark that I am using VR. So the ATC controller seeing the flight plan knows I am wearing a head-set.

practicing and doing the CAT rating tests in VR have been fine and worked splendid. The only snag is towards the end where you need to read/back the clearances. Where it is better to write down so you can read it back. There is a number of apps that allow you to write things down but nothing is better than just writing it down on paper. Which means either looking through the bridge of the headset or taking the head-set off to write.

So this option would notify the ATC they are wearing a head-set to give you a little extra time to read back the clearance to be able to get your head-set back on. As the mic is in the actual head-set. VR Keyboards and scratch pads are still animated like in the 80's they take like an extra second to accept the input if you type too fast it puts the next letter to the button you press. Scratch pads well you have to use the VR tools and again not exactly legible. So for simplicity sake I think this would help everyone on both sides of the ATC radio.
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Re: Suggestion add a VR toggle on the flight plan

Postby Kilstorm » Tue Apr 23, 2019 1:26 pm

I feel your pain as I too fly only VR. A couple of work arounds that I found have helped. I have the Oculus and fly both P3D using Flyinside and XP11 using native VR. First is that if you have the headset on your head but not over your face but tilted up on top of your head the mic still works perfect and you can keep the ear pieces still over your ears to hear. XPlane11 with its native and ability to switch from VR and non VR works way better than FlyIside for P3D which only lets you stay in VR mode.

With XP11 I switch to VR when holding short ready for take off. That way I have great visuals for all the stuff and able to use the walk around and checklist and all that and just wear the headset tilted up on top of my head. then once I land and clear the runway, I then switch out of VR and back to the monitor.

Food for thought.
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Re: Suggestion add a VR toggle on the flight plan

Postby Keith Smith » Wed Apr 24, 2019 7:49 am

I would simply add a note in the remarks advising the controller that read backs will take an extra moment.
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