What is “Thrust Bump” on the Airbus

What is “Thrust Bump” on the Airbus

Postby AZJim320 » Sun Aug 26, 2018 6:40 pm

There seems to be a little confusion among some streamers over “Thrust Bump” on the Airbus so I thought I would discuss what it is. On the earlier A320’s with the IAE A1 engines, they have thrust bump. The way you can identify these aircraft are the thrust bump buttons, which are guarded red buttons on the back of the thrust levers. The way they work are after starting BOTH ENGINES, lift the guard on either thrust lever and push the red button. You will see a small B on the engine display on both engines. What this does is the engine will give you a higher than normal TOGA power setting. This might be necessary when TOGA is not enough for that days performance requirements. These Bump takeoffs are only used when absolutely necessary because there are limits to how many are allowed between engine maintenance schedules.
The IAE A5 engines on newer A320’s and A319’s no longer have thrust bump. The A321’s with IAE engines do have thrust bump, at least at my airline. I don’t fly the NEO’s so not sure what they have.
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