Departure and taxing questions

Re: Departure and taxing questions

Postby Alex56 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:43 pm

Keith Smith wrote:You will need a strong grasp of conversational English to be able to fly successfully in US airspace, both virtually or in the real world.

Keith, thank you very much for answers. I do not have the opportunity to learn English well, unfortunately. I am 63 years old. :( If I cannot communicate, I will be compelled to leave PE, unfortunately. I still have 9 days left to test myself.
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Re: Departure and taxing questions

Postby Keith Smith » Tue Feb 12, 2019 8:27 am

That is unfortunate, but might be the right course of action depending on whether you can reach the point where you can conduct the flights that you want while communicating efficiently with the contorller. Flying here is not really more difficult than the real world, but it isn't any easier, either. The difference is that in the real world, you would have a flight instructor with you until you reach the solo portion of your flight training. It is during that time that they would evaluate your ability to communicate with the tower. If they are needing to provide assistance with the radio calls, then you would not be permitted to reach the solo stage.

The FAA requires that pilots be able to reach ICAO Level 4 English proficiency.

PilotEdge is different in that pilots effectively fly solo (by definition) considerably earlier than they would in real world. It's an imperfect system in that regard, and as a result, it's possible for pilots to be flying here who would not be able to do so in real life, either due to language or lack of experience. I'll send you a private message with some follow up suggestions.
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