Never again on PE - share your mistakes

Re: Never again on PE - share your mistakes

Postby Acroshaw » Fri Dec 30, 2016 11:58 am

Flew the sjn8 sid out of KABQ tonight and made an error I thought I would share, the sid called for an intercept to be flown to the 054 radial, it gave an intercept course of 045,i did the initial part correctly but then switched over to rnav too soon and the fms flew a direct to for the next way point, which put me about 10 degrees out. Keith was controlling and gave me a heading correction, at which point I had the 'doh' feeling!!! It's always must easier to see how to fly a sid once you have screwed it up :) so the lesson is, when flying a sid with an intercept, or in fact any sid which isn't rnav, always tune your vors and go with the raw data! Rest of the flight was fine, looking forward to the next one and love the expansion and the huge increase in routes :)
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Re: Never again on PE - share your mistakes

Postby N2897M » Sat Dec 31, 2016 6:07 pm

Today I was landing at KSEA, on the chart that I printed from Airnav it shows KSEA to have three runways, L, C, R. On FSX there are two runways, I was cleared to land 16R, as I was coming in on final I saw only two runways, then I saw what seem to be a thinner runway on the far right side of the airfield.I thought that must be 16R as on the chart there is no taxiway on the far right of the airfield looking southbound. As I got closer I started to question my decision that it was actually a runway, as I zoomed in I could see the yellow taxi way line, I knew then I made a mistake. I then promptly sidestepped to the left,over to the runway (16R)next to the taxi way that I confused with a runway, with about with about 15 sec to spare until I crossed the threshold line
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Re: Never again on PE - share your mistakes

Postby Balu0 » Mon Jan 09, 2017 8:10 am

I could hear the ATC, they could not hear me, after several try and cry for help on gurd I determined I fried my radio (I'm flying X-plane Baron B58 with REP, so it is possible to kill the radio)
I squawk 7600 and landed at an non towered airport, I hear center was looking for me, I was really nervous.
After landing I try to repair, but nothing, everything fixed they still can hear me...

Then I realized I accidentally pushed the mic mute button on my headset !! :) Oh my, the embarrassment!

I added the button to my checklist:

Mic mute ................ OFF

:D :D :D
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Re: Never again on PE - share your mistakes

Postby Balu0 » Wed Jan 25, 2017 2:40 am

Well, if you have 2 posts in a row in this forum you know you *cked up :D

So I was preparing for the alphabet challenge leg 12 KLGB - KMYF with TEC rute N36/39.

I got 39 programmed, but got 36, oh well, here comes the mistake.

I just copy pasted the route from myflightroute to skyvector and did not use the link next to it...

Well, SLI V64 V363 DANAH V23 MZB, if you past this into skyvector you get some strange resolute :D Not the correct route at all, I was flyin the opposite direction on V64, the controller was confused what I'm doing, but not as confused as me :D

Lucky me he gave me vectors back, and than a direct to DANAH so I was saved.

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Re: Never again on PE - share your mistakes

Postby AeroEng » Mon Apr 17, 2017 5:46 pm

Was performing the I-2, was going great until I got the visual for 24, it was a fairly busy night so I "assumed" the controller was busy and just needed to unload a little bit. until I found out on short final she was waiting for me to ask for the ILS for 24 lol. Oh well, live and learn.
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Re: Never again on PE - share your mistakes

Postby Anders S » Tue Apr 18, 2017 12:46 am

Ok a group flight I was going to be number 2 for landing after the aircraft at my left side. Forgot to manage the speeds and got ahead of him. Not my proudest moment but learned to not stress and keep calm.
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Re: Never again on PE - share your mistakes

Postby wesyin » Tue Apr 18, 2017 3:40 pm

During a VFR FF, I intended to ask "runway in use" but instead asked "approach to expect," which is an IFR phraseology.
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Re: Never again on PE - share your mistakes

Postby Tronorail » Sun Aug 27, 2017 4:03 pm

I'm just getting started with PilotEdge (and serious flight simming in general), so this mistake might seem pretty basic, but I thought I'd share it anyway. It might remind some of the experts what it was like just getting started. :lol: Here's a rather longwinded and dramatic account of my latest mistake.

I'm working through the CAT ratings. It's been slow going since I've become rather anxious about communicating over the radios, but I decide that I'm going to work through that anxiety and complete the CAT-03 today. I get all my frequencies prepared and find all the charts on Skyvector. I hop onto the radio and take off from San Luis Obispo without issue. I'm feeling pretty good as I get closer to Santa Maria. I'm expecting a runway 30 landing and at ten miles, I call the tower to report my 10 mile position. I'm assigned the instruction to enter the right downwind for runway 30 and report at midfield right downwind. No sweat. I repeat back the instruction and continue my flight.

As I get closer to Santa Maria, I start to wonder when the best time would be to descend into pattern altitude. Should I just immediately start descending and continue my approach at that altitude? Should I wait in an attempt to hit the pattern altitude as I hit the right downwind? I ultimately decide to stay high for a bit longer. I decide to re-familiarize myself with the Santa Maria chart and get confused. Entering the right downwind from my position would require me to execute a very extreme turn in order to hit it at 45-degrees. At this point, I begin to doubt that I remembered the instruction correctly. Surely the controller said "left downwind" and I incorrectly heard "right downwind". I begin to curse myself for not keeping a scratchpad. I decide to remain high and clear of the pattern altitude and call the controller to confirm that the instruction was, in fact, a "right downwind" and not a left.

At this point, the controller wants me to confirm my position. I explain that I'm high of the pattern but I'm in an upwind situation. He explains that he doesn't see anyone that happens to be upwind of runway 30 and asks me to report my position again. I'm mortified. I look out the side window and I'm sure that I'm upwind and not downwind. I hesitate in my response and get stepped on by other pilots. That's fine with me because I'm completely lost. The controller checks in again and explains that he'll have to fail me for the CAT-03 and that I must always know my position relative to the airport. It's a well-deserved fail but where did I go wrong?

I took a look at the chart again and realized my error. For whatever reason, I had mentally rotated the Santa Maria chart. When I thought I was upwind and expected to make an extreme right turn to get onto downwind, I was actually downwind of 30... just high of the pattern. The controller didn't want me to make an extreme right turn to enter the downwind. I should've entered the downwind with almost no turn at all.

Needless to say, I felt pretty dumb and went offline for a couple hours to make sure I was ready for the next attempt. I passed it on the second try but this experience was full of a lot of learning, so for that I'm grateful.
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Re: Never again on PE - share your mistakes

Postby Keith Smith » Mon Aug 28, 2017 9:54 am

Great post, Tronorail. Unless traffic dictates otherwise, you can generally expect to be given the most efficient pattern entry based on your reported position.

Therefore, any time it looks like the instructed pattern entry is going to result in unnatural maneuvering, it's likely a miscommunication or misunderstanding, by either party, has taken place. That would be a good time to confirm what's happening, well before it becomes an issue. A good way to be prepared would be to prepare ahead and visualize the most likely pattern entries given your arrival direction. For a runway 30 arrival starting from the northwest, that's going to be a left or right downwind entry. If you hear something else (such as a crosswind, base or straight-in instruction), then something is likely amiss.

Welcome to the network, enjoy!
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Re: Never again on PE - share your mistakes

Postby Hpeterson10579 » Mon Aug 28, 2017 7:33 pm

I took cancel altitude restriction and immediately started flying VFR in the Charlie like I owned the place... got a nice talking to about that one... then I think I was just flustered and missed everything the controller said... glad it happened during training in pilot edge and not in the air
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