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Re: Never again on PE - share your mistakes

PostPosted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 3:27 pm
by Jan Lueders
I've flown all of the eleven CATs. After CAT-11 I thought communication with the ATC would be no problem in the future.
After one week without flying on PE I was as nervous as I was on my first flight. First I called the tower of San Luis for the taxi clearance, then I didn't unterstand the tower-ATC and needed a "say again".
Both no problems, but I think, I'll have to train a little bit more. I'm still to nervous. :-)

Re: Never again on PE - share your mistakes

PostPosted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:35 am
by pkofman
Dumb error

I was flying into klas the other night from the south and requested the ils 26 l approach. Innocent enough I thought!
I was in for a surprise

I tuned the Ils freq ( found on my up to date foreflight and on skyvector and it did not work.
I was a bit flustered as I got closer and had to ask for a change as the cdi was not indicating any signal
I had the same freq from all the required up to date sources upon which I rely in both online and real world sources
Luckily weather was good for the visual

Later that evening thinking about what had happened it dawned on me to check the real world notams
Sure enough, the freq has changed for the ils ils 26l into klas
I do not routinely check notams when flying online
I went back and flew the approach and it worked perfectly with the new freq.

So lesson learned. Check notams just like in real life.
Another great take away from PilotEdge and thankfully I had this experience in the sim not out in the system


Re: Never again on PE - share your mistakes

PostPosted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 9:15 am
by ccrepon88
I was Alaskan 3355, an IFR airline flight (can't recall if I was in my Rotate MD-80 or another aircraft though). I was flying KRNO to KSEA, and up at FL280 as a cruising altitude. Well, for some reason I missed a call for a frequency change from I think Seattle center (sorry I'm from east coast, could be another ARTCC name) to Seattle approach. So here I am at FL280 on the HAWKZ star asking "hey uh.. am I over HAWKZ right now?" Center nicely told me yes, and to descend to about 14,000 as I recall. I should have been at 12,000 at that point on the STAR.

So here's the main mistake in my view, although the aforementioned was no small error:
When contacting Seattle approach, I acted as if the controller didn't know my situation. So my check-on was something like "Good morning, Seattle Approach, uh... Alaskan 3355...uh we're up at flight level two eight zero, and uh..hah, on the STAR here should be at 12,000 but I missed an uh.. a call about 20 minutes ago. Sorry about that. We're having some trouble with the FMS for some reason, not sure why but ah.. yeah should be at 12,000" (yikes, I know)
So I get this kind of sharp response from approach telling me "Good day 3355 and radar contact.. I didn't need to know ANY of that. Just who you are and your altitude is fine. We're all in communication with each other so I'm aware of your situation". He then went on to ask me if I recall being assigned a heading of 180... meanwhile I'm like 90 degrees or a bit less away from that heading, since I"m focusing so much on telling ATC about this problem, rather than actually obeying my last turn command!

So there's the main story. One issue for me is that I have borderline personality disorder. That might sound totally irrelevant to aviation, but when it comes to air traffic control - and general human interaction, it means I'm offended very easily. So I need to work on not letting a controller's honesty offend me, taking it personally somehow. Any feedback on this of course is welcome. Also hi, I'm from Connecticut and age 29. First post on the forums. G'day