Never again on PE - share your mistakes

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Re: Never again on PE - share your mistakes

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Called tower 25 miles out. Guess I was a little excited about arriving. Was told to call back when I was 6 miles out. Called back 6 miles out from their class D. Told that they meant 6 miles from the airfield, but helped me out anyway.

Still much to learn. Thanks PE controllers!

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Re: Never again on PE - share your mistakes

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I took off VFR from San Bernadino without checking the weather first. (Mistake 1). I intended to fly up the valley to the NW, but realized after getting airborne that the ceilings were too low for that. I decided to fly down to Corona (KAJO) instead, weaving my way between the Ontario and March ARB class Charlies at 3,000' MSL. I called Riverside tower and was cleared to transition through their Delta and, as I was over Riverside, realized that the KRAL airspace only goes up to 2700 MSL. I was at 3,000 which meant that, as I flew over Riverside, I flew right into the Ontario class Charlie.

There's a long list of things I could have done differently:

1. Pick up the weather before departing
2. Once I realized the clouds were too low, I could have returned to KSBD
3. I could have picked up a clearance in the air to some other airport
4. I could have landed at KREI and not tried to weave airspace
5. I could have actually read the ceiling of the Riverside class Delta

So yeah. A bit to casual on that flight, and I definitely got behind the airplane.

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