August 2019: Day-in-the-Life Challenge | Charter Jet Pilot

August 2019: Day-in-the-Life Challenge | Charter Jet Pilot

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PilotEdge's Day-in-the-Life Challenge: Charter Jet Pilot

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You are a jet pilot for a Charter (Part 135) Operator. As a charter pilot, you must not only follow the schedule that from dispatchers each trip, but you must also ensure you are complying with the FAA's Part 135 restrictions for flight time and duty day maximums.

The basic Part 135 FAA restrictions are:
14 hour duty day: Duty day begins when you leave for work (generally 1 hour before departure). Duty day ends when you get off of work (generally 30-60 minutes after landing).
10 hour maximum flight time: Your block time (any time behind the controls) cannot exceed 10 hours in a 24 hour period. You must keep track of your times from engine start to engine shutdown.

Because of these restrictions, charter pilots and dispatchers must always be conscious of the timing for each trip, or any potential delays they may incur.

This trip mimics a busy day where dispatch has planned for you to come very close to the maximum duty day and flight time restrictions. The FAA requires you to be able to prove that the trip will work ahead of time. If you encounter any delays throughout the trip, you are permitted to exceed the flight time 10 hour maximum by a certain amount. However, but doing so requires additional rest after the trip.

Your itinerary:

Depart: 08:30 Arrive: 09:36
Depart: 10:00 Arrive: 10:45
Depart: 11:05 Arrive: 12:18
Depart: 12:40 Arrive: 13:34
Depart: 14:30 Arrive: 17:15
Depart: 17:35 Arrive: 18:35
Depart: 19:00 Arrive: 20:30

PilotEdge's Day-in-the-Life Challenges are just for fun, but we do want to hear from you if you complete it. Upon completion of the challenge, screenshot your PEAware page from your flights that day ( and post it on this forum thread.
In addition to posting the screenshot of your day, please share any comments about how your day went and any issues you experienced.

1. This is a 1 day, 1 sitting, real time simulation of a day of a charter pilot. There's no pausing the clock or coming back tomorrow. Need a lunch break? Plan accordingly as some turn times are shorter than others. Don't forget you'll need to preflight in that time as well.
Exception: If you have a sim crash you may "rewind the clock" back to either a save point you have made or the start of the flight leg.
2. You must depart each airport, land at each airport. You are not required to strictly stay to the schedule, but you must spend the scheduled amount of time on the ground for the de-planing and boarding process.
3. There are no restrictions on the airplane you use, but it must be an airplane that can meet the scheduled departure and arrival times as well as safely operate at each airport.
4. The actual start time doesn't matter (simply adjust the times on the schedule above).
5. Part 135 (Charter operations) duty limit is 14 hours. You must complete the sequence in 14 hours. The sequence starts when you start to "pre flight the plane" and ends when you engage the parking brake at the FBO back in APA.
6. Due to the length and time constraints people have there is no requirement to do all flights during PE operating hours.
7. Weather is not defined but should be realistic to a weather pattern that could happen (no 100 knot tailwinds every leg).
8. The in game time you use does not matter, but once set should not be changed and allowed to normally progress.
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