Pilotedge with more than 20 connected users becomes useless

Pilotedge with more than 20 connected users becomes useless

Postby maxmoe » Sun Dec 08, 2019 1:36 pm

Hi Keith,

I love pilotedge, learned a lot and recommend it to everyone.

But once more than 20 users are connected, even your most skilled staff members cannot keep up presently.

Often experienced on weekends during lunch hours. Right now it is 32 active pilots. The ATC takes 10 minutes to get back to anyone.

Maybe, during peak hours, it is possible to add more staff

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Re: Pilotedge with more than 20 connected users becomes usel

Postby Keith Smith » Mon Dec 09, 2019 7:45 am

Useless seems a bit harsh particularly when the waves of congestion usually don't last too long. But, to your point:

1) Western US is generally a lot quieter than ZLA. You might consider flying there during ZLA peak times. It actually has more towered airports than ZLA with the recent addition of BZN and PAE. THere is more to PE than just ZLA.

2) A new staff member was added to ZLA who just completed his airspace famliarization last week. Another controller also recently returned after completing airline upgrade training. Between those two changes, I expect ZLA to have split staffing (ie 2 controllers online rather than one) a bit more frequently.
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