Aspen Visual Appr

Aspen Visual Appr

Postby FDXDave » Thu Feb 27, 2020 2:07 pm

Always learning on this network. This was an interesting issue which came up during today's flight into Aspen. I requested the ROARING FORK VISUAL RWY 15 from Carbondale. I also requested a Circle to Land on Runway 33 instead of 15, due to a tail wind component I didn't want to deal with. I was advised the chart does not permit a Circling approach, that I would have to either fly the appr for RW 15 or switch to VFR with Advisories, and then I could just enter a Right Downwind Tfc pattern on my own.. I know I could of requested one of the other instrument approaches which do have a circling component to them, but I still found it interesting that a published visual approach did not allow a circle to land... Wonder why all the other approaches allow a circle but the visual appr does not lol..

Also. Yesterday I heard some new people flying on line and the controllers were very helpful and even said at one point that mistakes are going to be made and this is the network to learn on.
Very well done. I could tell the guy felt better about his minor mistake afterwords.

I also found a cool update to the MyFlightRoute website, which now has a D-ATIS FMC simulator. Really cool addition to the website. I know the site is taken care of by a 3rd party for PE, I just wanted to thank who ever is responsible for adding that feature. It's really cool.

Link to D-ATIS :

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