ODP operation

ODP operation

Postby Kylelemon » Wed Jul 01, 2020 10:28 am

Last night I flew IFR from Santa Ynez (uncontrolled) to Oxnard

My IFR flight plan read KIZA ODP SBAP70

Couple of questions:

1) is it necessary to write in the flight plan you will be doing ODP?

Clearance (122.2 on pilotedge) cleared me “as filed”, climb to 7000, and gave me departure frequency. On taking off the ODP took me AWAY from the first VOR on my flight plan. I contacted departure and told controller I was climbing 1300 for 7000 via the ODP. I think the controller then said “you cannot climb via an ODP - just climb and maintain 7000”. I kept going laterally via the ODP away from my first fix and achieved 7000. The controller then said “looks like you are flying off into the sunset - cleared direct San Marcus (my first fix on the TEC route). From there flight was uneventful.

2) when contacting Departure from uncontrolled airport IFR, how is it proper to let them know you are following ODP rather than taking off visual, etc.?

3) was I supposed to turn to first fix off the ODP prior to receiving “cleared direct to San Marcus” instruction from ATC?

Just trying to learn. I am about to start my real world instrument training and am based in Santa Ynez. PilotEdge is SUCH an amazing tool.

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Re: ODP operation

Postby Keith Smith » Wed Jul 01, 2020 11:16 am

"ODP" is not a valid element in the route of a flight plan. You can only file an ODP if it's a graphical ODP with a filing code associated it (they look a LOT like SIDs, but have the phrase "(OBSTACLE)" in the title.

Remember the ODP doesn't require a clearance to fly. It only requires a lack of course guidance to the first fix. It's a GOOD IDEA to communicate the fact that you plan to fly the ODP by including the terminating fix of the ODP as the FIRST element of your route....and/or by including in the remarks. However, putting "ODP" in the route is not legal or correct. This is a pretty pervasive issue where pilots file all sorts of things in the route, including the approach they want to fly, the hotel they're staying at, mother's mother's maiden name, etc :)

"Cleared direct RZS" once you're in radar contact would only be issued once you're at the MVA or above. So, in that context, you would abandon the ODP and go direct RZS as instructed.
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