performance calculations

performance calculations

Postby FDXDave » Wed Sep 01, 2021 11:45 pm

So how does one know the Available runway from an intersection? I've been estimating but I'm thinking there likely is a document somewhere to show this actual info. The runway i was figuring today was (KLAS) 08L from A8 intersection. Skyvector shows the TORA:14515 . But this would be full length. Where do i look for intersection runway distance?
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Re: performance calculations

Postby zerofay32 » Mon Sep 06, 2021 4:33 am

I would imagine jeppesen charts might have it, but I usually use the measure tool in Foreflight (press two fingers on the map screen and get a ruler) or measure the distance on google earth or some other maps application.
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Re: performance calculations

Postby Scott Medeiros » Mon Sep 06, 2021 5:30 pm

There is no document that directly gives you this information, including Jeppesen charts. The Jepp FDPro app has a feature that’ll allow you so seen how much runway you have up to a specific taxiway exit, but nothing specific for intersection departures.
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Re: performance calculations

Postby FDXDave » Mon Sep 06, 2021 10:45 pm

Thank you both for your answers and available tools.
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