PE Client Model Set for Ultimate Traffic Live [P3D]

PE Client Model Set for Ultimate Traffic Live [P3D]

Postby MervA » Tue Sep 12, 2017 3:17 pm

Pilotedge Client Model Set For Ultimate Traffic Live - P3Dv4

If you have Ultimate Traffic Live installed and working in P3Dv4, then you can use this model set to add
extra AI aircraft to your pilotedge online session.

It is advisable that while flying online at pilotedge, you make sure that your traffic density is set to zero in
the UTLive configuration tool, otherwise you will see AI Traffic from Ultimate Traffic and also other Pilotedge
users and drones at the same time, causing confusion.

Download Here

[1] Place the utl.smd file into the ..\Pilotedge\aircraft\ directory.

[2] Place the airlines.txt file into the ..\Pilotedge\ directory, overwrite existing file

[2] Then start the PE Client for your sim.

[3] Click on the [Start] button.

[4] Click on [Options] and select the Multiplayer Tab.

[5] Now select the model sets and move them to place in order shown below.

1. PilotEdge P3D/FSX Stock Models
2. ORBX FTX NA GA Airport Models <<<---- [ if you have ORBX GA aircraft place at No 2 ]
3. Ultimate Traffic Live Models

[6] Now close the Client, and your done !

Please Note :

Due to the suspected incompatibility of both the VIP and Squawkbox models for use in Prepar3Dv4. I highly
recommend deleting the vip.sms and sbx.sms files from ..\Pilotedge\aircraft\ directory and to stop the simulator
loading the aircraft go into your \Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\ directory and delete or remove both the vip and squawkbox

EXTRA : Southwest Liveries Variants
I have not tested this to see if it is working

This will only work if the other user has the variant setup properly
in their simulator and that you have set that variant in the PE Client.

If any of the Southwest variants for the model type has been
setup in the other online pilots PE Clients, then you should be
able to see that aircraft as the correct variant.
I say " should " because I have not tested it to see if it is working.

Utilimate Traffic Live
Southwest Livery Variants
B737-300 No Winglets [733]

Lone Star
Silver One
Triple Crown

B737-300 Winglets [73L]

Blue Heroes

B737-700 Winglets [73W]

New Mexico One
Old Colors (Original Colors)

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