LatinVFR KSNA some updates

LatinVFR KSNA some updates

Postby MervA » Tue Sep 12, 2017 6:50 pm

Latin VFR John Wayne Airport KSNA for P3Dv4

If you are using the Latin VFR John Wayne Airport with ORBX FTX Southern California Scenery addon, I have
a couple of updates for you.

[1] Airport file update for KSNA
Now includes localiser for the LDA approach Rwy20R
Added a couple of extra runway start points

Download Here

[2] Mile Square Park

I have also included in the zip file a file named " SoCal_MileSqu.bgl "
if you are not already using this, you can place this file in the same directory
as the above airport file, if you are using ORBX FTX SCA Scenery, it makes
it that much easier to spot the park than in the default FTX SCA.

I made this awhile back, using lower LOD to help OOM's in prev P3D versions.

[3] Scenery Tip

As this KSNA from Latin VFR is the same as previous except it has a new P3Dv4
installer. There use to be a issue between the Land Class Scenery of it and

To help stop this happening my advise is to go into the LVFR KSNA scenery
configuration tool and deselect " Land Class and Photo Scenery".
It also helps LVFR KSNA merge better into the ORBX FTX SCA Scenery.

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