Feature request: Switchable In and outputs

Feature request: Switchable In and outputs

Postby Kilstorm » Wed Jan 12, 2022 2:33 pm

So PE operates independently of the sound settings on the PC correct? The user sets the choice of output for sound and input for recording in the preference settings. I'm a VR user and I like to go in and out of the "hood" as to where I dont wear the VR all the time. I have all my Sim sounds going to my speakers and PE to the speakers in the headset. The Oculus Rift S is great in that the speakers or sound project down instead of inward. So I have my headset on the wall next to me and can easily hear ATC and just use the mic by talking towards the headset.

I realized that I use the VR so little that I ordered a wireless computer headset. I actually have a device that can take my Bose Aviation headset and be plugged into the computer however when I do that, there is no way to differentiate between the main speakers plugged into the back of the tower and the headset plugged into the headset 3.5mm plugs on the top of the tower as it just reads them both to the sound card and will only allow one to be seen or turned on. I dont want all the exterior sounds going to the headset so that why I ordered a wireless headset as it will be a USB in and out device and selectable like my Rift S is.

Which brings me to my request. Since PE does its own sounds device selections based off of available sources seen on the system, it would be a great option is there was a way to have a hotkey allow the user to have two different mics and speakers as to where by selecting it will switch between the two. Much like in a real plane there is a handheld mic and overhead speaker and then there is the headset option.

I know in the past Ive made sound feature request like the ability to assign Comm 1 in one ear and Comm 2 in the other as well as a button to play back last transmission (both of which I got the idea from flying in my friends SR22 which had both of these features) so perhaps there is some ideas that could be considered to both add to the PE experience as well as continue to dive deeper into what is offered in real life.

Ideally these features are also somewhat available in the RXP GTN750 under audio panel. Man how great would it be if PE worked with RXP to offer these features as native options from within the RXP GTN series. I mean I can already use the ident button, the volume knob so it could be something that could be coded on their end if PE where to contact them about wanting to make this work.

Thanks for you time.
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Re: Feature request: Switchable In and outputs

Postby Keith Smith » Wed Feb 02, 2022 9:30 am

Fully understood. There are issues associated with the increased complexity of initial setup, tech support, run-time issues caused by users forgetting the difference and the fact that the real world capability isn't natively modeled in the stock audio panels offered by the simulator. We've been careful, thus far, to ensure that every feature within the client is backed by standard underlying sim capabilities, such as COM1/2 transmit/monitor support, transponder integration and even volume integration.

Building out a feature set which isn't supported by the stock sim means we have to introduce custom commands is easy to do, but requires ongoing effort to explain to new users.

I've (infrequently) found myself wanting to swap from headset to speakers while in flight. In those instances, I go to the preferences menu and make the switch. Granted, it's not a VR-friendly solution yet (it should be once we swap to a new UI library, one which was recently identified as a candidate), and there is no keyboard shortcut to do it, but it is possible, as you pointed out.

I am less interested in individual avionics developers implementing their own solutions (or calling PE-specific functions), but would be more inclined to support this if X-Plane natively supported the notion of an audio panel being configured for 'speaker' vs 'headset' output in the G1000, Garmin 530, etc, all backed up with underlying datarefs so the state can be read/set by third parties, and the same for mic input.

I don't get to the forums as much as I'd like. Feel free to send well thought out feature requests (such as this one) to the info address listed on the Contact page on the web site, that'll ensure it is seen. Absolutely feel free to post here if you'd like to discuss it with the community, too, though.
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