Pilot Introductions

Re: Pilot Introductions

Postby bushpilot » Thu Jan 14, 2016 2:39 pm

Thanks Kyle.
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Re: Pilot Introductions

Postby N2897M » Thu Jan 21, 2016 5:57 am

Hello Everyone,

My name is Max, im a Real world Commercial Pilot with IR, ME

I have not flown for a while, thats why im here on PE, to brush up my ATC skills before I begin my FI course in Asian next month. ATC was always an issue for me , I never flew constantly enough to be able to keep my ATC skills sharp all the time, So im really happy I found PE,so far I really like it and already im starting to feel like my ATC skills are starting to improve just after a few flights. Looking forward to the expansion in the near future. Love to fly some long cross country flights with ATC.
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Re: Pilot Introductions

Postby svilenv » Fri Jan 29, 2016 4:45 am

Hi, folks!

I've been lurking around for a while now, so it's may be time for a formal introduction. My name is Svilen, I'm from Bulgaria and live in the city of Sofia (local airport code LBSF). I have no real world aviation experience, just an enthusiast who has been simming for some 10 years now.

I've been flying online on another network for several years, and during that time have (hopefully) developed some habits of ATC communication and realistic operations, but Pilotedge marks several milestones and "firsts" for me: before joining I had only flown in Europe, so had no practice or knowledge of FAA airspace, practices and phraseology. In fact learning all those multiple nuances and differences and getting comfortable with the FAA/US system in a professional environment and without compromises was a primary reason for joining PE. Also for my PE flights I've made the move from FSX to X-Plane, which adds a new dimension and a parallel learning curve to the entire experience. Finally, this was also an opportunity for me to delve deeper into realistic VFR flying, which is an aspect that's not adequately simulated on other networks (at least in Europe).

In my 3 weeks on PE I went through the ratings program and through some of the published workshops and other reference materials and I'm very impressed with the level of professionalism, attention to detail and all the effort that has been put in both in the training materials and in the actual ATC service. And I still feel I've barely scratched the surface of what there is to know, to learn, to experience.

I'm also very appreciative of the fact that controllers give constant feedback and advice on errors and deviations and don't just put up with it and let it go. On non-commercial networks it's unfortunately very easy for controllers to slip into the "whatever" attitude and to just get tired of dealing with "bad" or newbie pilots and let them be, which in time degrades the overall quality of service and level of immersion..

Anyway, thanks for all the fun so far and see you in the skies! :)
Svilen Vassilev (N217S)
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Re: Pilot Introductions

Postby collin6854 » Wed Feb 17, 2016 7:54 pm

Hello my name is Brent. I am 28 years old and a student pilot with around 20 hours of flight time. I am also new to sim flying and I am using x-plane 10 on my laptop with an extreme3d pro joystick.
I train out of Danville, IN and recently we took a flight to a towered airport for the first time and I instantly froze. After searching for a way to practice online I came across PE.
So in advance I apologize to every pilot and ATC for my lack of inexperience.
Today I have been going through the VFR workshops and made it to the KCRQ-KTOA. All of the flights before hand were made with little errors keeping in mind my experience with flying. I made it through the C airspace cleared to Zamperini tower and everything went south. For some reason my mind went blank and I forgot what to tell the ATC at Zamperini. I blurted some nonsense and eventually I got across to him that I wanted to land in Zamperini. With instructions to land 29r and confirmed by me I proceeded with my flight. I reported back when I thought I was on final and the ATC answered. That's when I found out I was on the final to long beach and was in violation of class d airspace. He told me to head south. So in my panic to find out what I did wrong I finally started heading south but while looking around for my charts and trying to reposition my mind I was not paying attention to my attitude and crashed just off the coast. Still embarrassed I reloaded my plane to 10nm off final of 29r and acted like nothing every happened and completed my flight.

To the flight controllers that have been working with me. I sincerely appreciate your patience and how professional you guys are. I apologize for the mistakes I have made and will make and I promise I will stay vfr for a while, while I am trying to learn.

To PE, thank you so much for creating this software and environment for me and others to learn!
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Re: Pilot Introductions

Postby Keith Smith » Thu Feb 18, 2016 7:44 am

some amazing intros here, I love this thread! Brent, hopefully one learning from that experience is that the number one rule is to fly the plane. you can always ask atc for help, "student pilot, slightly disoriented, request vectors to TOA"

atc can be a resource. :)
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Re: Pilot Introductions

Postby Dano » Thu Feb 18, 2016 12:44 pm

Hi, all. Dan here, near KBLI. I've been on PE for about a month now, and think it's great. I got my PPL in '79, and stayed active for almost exactly 20 years, until the summer of '99, when I let it lapse with just 495 hours in my log book. Wish I hadn't! I miss it. I was lucky to own a few planes over those years, including a Gere Sport Biplane, KR-2, Quickie 1, and 1941 Culver Cadet (my favorite of the lot). I also have time in a Champ, and Decathlon, along with the usual 150 and 172 time.

I've been into flight sims since the old Sublogic days and must say, once again, I think PE is great. It has brought back some of the apprehension I used to feel when first learning to communicate with ATC. I'm currently getting up the nerve to attack the V03 rating. I hope to do that soon. I failed my 1st V02 attempt, and barely got it on the 2nd attempt. It's a humbling experience, getting slowly re-acquainted with the process after such a long lay-off, but so worth it.

Here's a pic of my old Culver, as it looks now (complete rebuild done a few years ago):


And, the FSX version I created and flew for the V02:


See you all in the PE skies!
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Re: Pilot Introductions

Postby hunijjang » Thu Mar 17, 2016 4:08 am

Hello All :)

I am from South Korea and live in Seoul and 34 years old in Korean age and I get married in the Nov, 2013.

I just predilection for airplanes. :D In the future I want to be a LSA Traning to get LSA license. but I am not sure ;)

One day starts, I am a make the 3DOF Motion Flight Simulator for my home use.(I am using with BFFs 2/3 DOF MOTION DRIVE SOFTWARE and using Motion Controller and Motor Driver is Dimension Engineering Company Products) and I am using with FSX SE with A2A C172.

I hope that will be take a shoot then upload that working videos and pictures links.


Happy Flying~ :lol:

Best Regards,

Younghoon Choi
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Re: Pilot Introductions

Postby MikeyDale » Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:12 am

Hi, my name is Mike. I received my PPL in 1989 training at a non controlled airport in West Texas and radio work was a bare minimum. I later bought a 1959 PA22/20 and it had no transponder, therefore, I never flew to controlled airports. I had the PA22/20 about 15 years then sold it and quit flying until 2007 when I bought an Experimental Kolb MkII and started flying again, it has no radio besides my handheld. The Kolb got me in touch with EAA and I became interested in building my own plane. Now, 11 months ago I completed a Vans RV7 and began flying like crazy! I have a Dynon glass panel with a class S transponder, auto pilot, GPS, moving map, ADSB weather and traffic, and last but not least, a good radio! I am in heaven! I cruise at 157 kts on 8.3 gph and I plan on doing some real traveling with my wife, but, old habits are hard to break! A few months ago, we were en route to see my grandkids ( 7 hrs by car-2 hrs by RV7) and I started a turn to avoid a Class C airport and communicating with them and I thought to myself, "this is ridicules!" I studied thousands of hours to learn how to build a plane and here I am, going out of my way, to skirt a airport out in the middle on nowhere! :oops: So, I have been learning to talk. I started of forcing myself to fly in to an airport with a control tower. I have also started using flight following when flying near DFW to go see my grandkids. I have been planning a trip to San Diego for several months now and watching utube videos on flying and talking to ATC in that area when I stumbled upon a PilotEdge workshop video. I have MSFX on my laptop so I though, what the heck, I'll give it a try! Yesterday, I had my first flight with PilotEdge ATC and it was great! I really like that the controllers can correct you and help you learn the right way to communicate! I will be flying around San Diego extensively in the next few weeks preparing for my trip! This is a wonderful learning tool!

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Re: Pilot Introductions

Postby Keith Smith » Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:22 am

Mike, it's nice to meet you. Your story is more common than you think when it comes to avoiding airspace to avoid communicating with ATC. I'm glad you found PilotEdge, I think it will truly impact your real world flying and open up a world of resources and possibilities. If you're going to be flying long distances with that lovely airplane, you're going to want to be talking to ATC. You'll get traffic advisories, an extra set of eyes watching you, and if you need any kind of help, you're already talking to 'em and they know exactly where you are. That can make all the difference in an emergency.
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Re: Pilot Introductions

Postby Ryan B » Fri Mar 18, 2016 11:10 am

Sweet little RV7 Mike! Since you have FSX I presume you're also flying the Baytower RV7/7A?

Maybe it will give you bad habits hehe but maybe it will help!

I love experimental planes - the Lancair Legacy being my favorite... the RV7 is a sweet little plane as well! I'm an air traffic controller way up here in Duluth, MN and a BFR-lapsed pilot too. Pilot Edge is incredible - I guarantee you'll enjoy your stay!
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