P3D map showing PE and addon scenery airports

P3D map showing PE and addon scenery airports

Postby Kilstorm » Sat Oct 07, 2017 9:12 pm

I've created a map to show what will be all the PilotEdge airports once all the WUS airports are up and running plus the SoCal ones. In addition, I add all the great addon scenery locations from Orbx, Turbulent Designs, FlightBeam, FSDreamTeam, FlyTampa and the maker of KASE present and near future fields.

This to me is a great road map or chart to determine field that are either highly detailed (controlled or uncontrolled), PilotEdge controlled or both Pilot Edge controlled and high detailed addons.

As for a Chart Key:
The Blue planes are addon airports that are uncontrolled
There are a few Blue helo uncontrolled locations as well
The Black planes are addon scenery airports that are controlled but not PE manned

Then there are the PilotEdge locations
Green are Class D airports
Yellow are Class C airports
Red are Class B airports

If there is a plane there it is both PE manned and offer addon scenery
If its just a pin drop then it is just manned.

This is strictly for P3D and maybe FSX. I do fly Xplane11 but didnt do a map for that. Plus all fields look great in Xplane 11 at night so no addon scenery needed!

Now if you want to do some cross country flying you can get an idea of various fields to use for either addon scenery with manned or not once PE gets all the WUS airports up and running.

Heres the link, let me know if I am missing something or their is errors.

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