IFR Lost Comm. Unsure if intentional.

IFR Lost Comm. Unsure if intentional.

Postby afcraig2010 » Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:05 pm


I'm Craig M. and I was flying Horizon 2179 SEA-RDM around 0300Z/7pm local time on the 25th. I was able to contact Seattle Clearance, Ground, Tower. I took off with a clearance and was never told to switch to departure. I sat at 3000ft (my initial assigned altitude) and tried to troubleshoot. Eventually just squawked 7600 and did AVE F. My internet connection was fine, I could see myself on the PilotEdge map and I could see that I was transmitting on 121.5 (my last attempt at contacting anyone). I was flying the MCJ Q400 Pro. I tried recycling the power on the unit in the plane, I tried COMM 2.

I'm just not sure if this was an intentional failure from PilotEdge or if it's some weird issue. Either way, it was obviously not initiated by me.
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Re: IFR Lost Comm. Unsure if intentional.

Postby Marcus Becker » Fri Jan 26, 2018 6:45 am

Pilotedge will not fail anything on you unless you know pilotedge will fail anything on you. Seeing that you are using the mcj (P3D or FSX right?) aircraft, it's not happening anyway. It's an x-plane only feature.
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Re: IFR Lost Comm. Unsure if intentional.

Postby Keith Smith » Fri Jan 26, 2018 8:47 am

I'll clarify slightly. Peter and I are the only ones who can initiate system failures and even then, it's only in xplane, and even then, it's generally only with streamers with whom we have a relationship as part of either testing how various payware aircraft respond (or don't respond) to failures, or to learn how those pilots respond to the failure. Unless someone is streaming, we can't see what their process is in dealing with the failure, or whether the failure even worked.

Something else is going on in your case. It's pretty much impossible to discern after the fact, we'd have to debug in real time. One thing you can do is listen to the audio recordings at the time you were flying to see if the controller was interacting with other pilots before, during and immediately after your flight. We didn't receive any other reports from pilots of any ATC issues on Western US yesterday.
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