Alternative to Foreflight

Alternative to Foreflight

Postby AZJim320 » Thu Feb 01, 2018 2:51 pm

I think that Foreflight is definitely the best tool out there for planning and an EFB for charts, for RW or sim flying. The only cons are the cost and the limited data to US territory.
I use the Navigraph desk top EFB. I already use them for my ARINC data and for a little more money you can bundle the desktop EFB. The pros are less cost than Foreflight, JEPP charts, display own ship on taxi charts, approach charts and most SIDS and STARS. It includes the entire world data. It also will connect your EFB to you iPad or android device so you don’t need a second monitor. I had been using Navigraph for my P3d sim but couldn’t get it to work with Xplane. I had many issues with my Xplane so I did a complete uninstall and reinstall. It was not fun rebuilding everything. I am so glad I did because all my issues are gone and I can now use Navigraph desktop for my Xplane. I like to fly a lot in Europe and now can fly with my Xplane there.
Before I got Navigraph working for Xplane I used FlightPlan go. It is a real world app like Foreflight and also can be configured to your sim. The pros are it is free!. It connects easily to Xplane, and can use it on your iPad or android device. It has display own ship on taxi and approach plates and a lot of SIDS and STARS. It also has weather overlay on the enroute charts. The cons are they are not JEPP charts and like Foreflight limited to US territory. Hope this helps I have heard some comments in recent streams on this topic especially chart options for Europe.
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Re: Alternative to Foreflight

Postby » Sat Feb 10, 2018 10:05 am

Hi Jim,

thanks for the detailed explanation and summary of alternatives :) I agree with you, there are pros and cons, thus all of us have to consider what are the expectations towards the given app and what is the value cost ratio - according to our viewpoint. So, it is a bit difficult to decide which one to choose (yearly subscriptions, type of operating system (android, iOS) etc.), specially is your are in financial contrains.

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