CAT 1 - Questions/Issues

CAT 1 - Questions/Issues

Postby CrackerJack » Sun Jul 29, 2018 9:51 am

I just did the CAT 1 from L52 to L88 and I have some questions:

1 - When I was in the pattern at L88 there was another AC on the CTAF. After I landed he departed and I could hear his radio calls but not see his AC? I'm running P3D v4.3 and I have Traffic set to zero. I would have expected to see the departing traffic and watched the runway closely. Any ideas?

2 - I followed the instructions in the CAT 1 Brief. Filed the flight plan before departing. The message Flight Plan Filed was displayed in the log but there was also a message in red Expected a Number? After landing at L88 I waited 2 minutes disconnected and logged into PEAware but there was no record of the flight??

I'll do it again but I'd like to know what's gone wrong please.
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