Windows Headaches

Windows Headaches

Postby FDXDave » Tue Jan 08, 2019 9:48 pm

I'm going to vent about Windows for a minute. I'm sure everyone from time to time get BSOD and CTD's etc... I wish Microsoft would just do an update once a year and leave it at that.
I know that's not practical because of Hackers and security, but geessh.. X-Plane is such a resource Hog, that it looks for every single part within the Windows OS and pretty much every drivers out there. So if your not up to date on every little thing, BANG... game crash, or what ever. A couple of days ago, My game kept crashing because of a windows file which ended up being corrupted. So after getting that taken care of... hours later... I had pretty much everything running smoothly again. Till tonight. Game crashed twice on take off. So. Again I check the update page at Microsoft and low and behold there were a few updates today!. So I had to run and install the latest updates, which included a new flash player and java and among other things. You know what hasn't been updated since December 12th??? That's right... the video driver. (417.35) SO I'm sure in a couple of days when they update that, I will again have a crash and that will be my notice of a new video driver....
I wonder if there is a way to get text messages when these updates are posted??

I'm also curious why there are two different window builds for windows 10.

One of them is the stack I'm associated with, latest being OS Build KB4480116. There is another build "KB4480966" which also was released today. Why are there two different OS builds? They both are windows...

The other build I'm not part of:

I know this topic is not directly associated with Piloting, or PE or a particular SIM, but maybe you guys running MAC are on to something!

So for me this is what I do to trouble shoot Blue Screens of Death, Freezes, and otherwise complete hair pulling frustration events while trying to enjoy a peaceful flight. : )
Hopefully this will help others and maybe others can help me with adding to this list.
I kind of go in this order to trouble shoot.

Always start by backing up your system!!!

- grab the dump file from C:\Windows\Minidump. If there was a BSOD...( Copy it to a different folder to give it ownership rights. ) Then go to this web-sight to run an analysis of the mini dump file what caused the BSOD. . Upload the file and look for the key file which caused the crash. Typically for me it's a video card driver problem. Which leads me to look for new drivers.

- Check for and install windows updates. ( See above websites for latest updates )

- Run the free Avast Driver scanner. Checks for outdated drivers. Then manually update them.

- Avast Software Updater. ( eg. Flash player )

- Virus Scan.

- UPdate X-Plane. ( Make sure all files are there. )

-- Update and install a new Video driver. If required.
Also, after a few updates, I will perform a clean installation to make sure no garbage is left behind from previous builds. I use this program to totally delete the video driver. and then proceed from there. Download the utility from here > "DDU" It's free and has really good reviews. But it's not for beginners. I also do this while in safe mode.

- If I still have problems. I also check the event viewer. That sometimes is my best tool for tracking down the source.

- So to fix corrupted Windows files. eg. win32kbase.sys << That was my last bad apple, I use a handy scan and repair utility which comes with windows. I just started using this so I'm no expert on the proper way. But it scans for and restores corruptions in Windows system files.
* Run CMD as ADMIN. Type in the start window. command. Then before enter, press and hold both shift and ctrl at the same time and press enter. That is a short cut to allow admin rights.
Now type "sfc /scannow" ( Note the space between c and / )

- If you think you may have some bad partitions on a disk use this. This will scan and repair sectors of the drive you select. It will say perform upon next start up because it can not be in use at the time of scan. Run CMD as ADMIN. Then "chkdsk C: /f /r /x" separated by a space each: “/f /r /x”. Don't put the " C is my drive where Windows resides.

I use Macrium Reflect for my back up images. It has saved my butt numerous times. The version I use is totally free. And you can make as many back ups as you like. I probably have like 10 images at any given time on my ext drive. >>

Anyway. Thanks for allowing me to vent. But I hope some may benefit from the tools I use to help get me back in the Pilot Seat : )

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