Problems with VOR-A @ KFUL and X-Plane GNS 530

Problems with VOR-A @ KFUL and X-Plane GNS 530

Postby wazooda » Fri Feb 01, 2019 2:12 pm

I have been experimenting with the "stock" X530 GPS system as I usually run the *excellent* RealityXP Garmin 530. However, getting updated data for the RealityXP is difficult because it uses the Garmin proprietary data format.

So... using the latest Navigraph data (1902), I tried the VOR-A full approach into KFUL (Fullerton) on the X530. I loaded using the IAF of the SLI VOR.

This approach is flown by turning outbound on R-200 from SLI for a few minutes then executing a course reversal by flying a 155 heading for a few minutes, turning 335 until re-intercepting the SLI R-20, then back to the FAF of SLI.

Unfortunately, the X530 does not sequence the completion of the turn. I go outbound on the R-200, turn left to 155 deg for 1.5 minutes than back in to 335 until intercepting the R-20 back to SLI which is now the FAF. The unit never sequences past the procedure turn entry. In addition, the loaded procedure does not have the SLI waypoint as an IAF in the procedure. It just starts with the procedure turn which is very strange.

Anyone else have odd issues with approach procedure sequencing using the X530? I'm a bit spoiled by the RealityXP as it is a SPOT ON simulation of the real Garmin unit I use in the 172 I fly IRL... but this data issue will be a problem for me once the FAA starts updating the procedures on the database I currently use for the RealityXP (currently as of March 2018).

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