Apologies to the yesterday ATC

Apologies to the yesterday ATC

Postby Dj_Evola » Mon Sep 30, 2019 12:50 am

After a bad flight (I still have problems to undestand english language if it's your first language, I have no problems in IVAO and european english) and after a going around because of a very long landing y managed to land in KLAX. The ATC was very kind with me and talked to me very slowly and with an infinite patience after my mistakes but I was a little bit overwhelmed from the situation and then, after vacate the runway, the taxi intruction was massive and...I gave it up... :| ...I'm so sorry but I disconected. I want to apologize to the ATC and say to her that I'm trying it hard and I think things are going better...but slowly.
Thanks for your work!!
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