Sim Hardware for sale

Sim Hardware for sale

Postby Vincent Meier » Wed Dec 11, 2019 9:27 pm

Hello all,

I have recently been upgrading my simulator and have some extra hardware that I would like to sell.

All the items are all in good working condition. The PFC 430 interface has some small holes from installing on my sim. Nothing truly noticeable but I thought it is best to be transparent. I can send actual pics to interested parties.

The items are as follows and you can read about them in the links I have provided:
1 - GF - ATC - - 72.00 US new
1 - GF-MCP Advanced Autopilot - It doesn't look like GoFlight sells this module anymore - so it is a rare bird - 120.00 GB or 155.00 US new
1 - GF-SECM - - 189.00 US new
1 - PFC 430W GPS control interface c/w power supply - - 595.00 US new

I will supply a USB cable with each module.

I have been using these since XP10 with Sandy Barbour's XPGF plugin(no longer being updated to my understanding). For XP11 the SECM still works with with XPGF. The MCP Advanced does not function very well using XPGF in XP 11.
All of the Goflight modules should work well in FSX. See GoFlight website.
There is also a new piece of software that you can program these modules for Xplane 11 -
There is a learning curve with this software, but I hear it works well.

As for the PFC 430W, I had some success making it work on XP11. I was able to make it function on the stock C172 GNS 530(com 1) but not on the GNS430(com 2) I did this by finding an old plugin on by searching for PFC. PFC is currently working on a new plugin for XP 11.

I am looking to sell all of this as a lot for 400.00 CDN plus whatever it costs to ship to the individual.

I only attached the GF module pics as there is a 3 image maximum.

Please let me know if you are interested.
GF-SECM.jpg (36.43 KiB) Viewed 570 times
GF-ATC.jpg (58.19 KiB) Viewed 570 times
GF-MCP.jpg (59.59 KiB) Viewed 570 times
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