TIP: Airfoillabs 172 COM error

TIP: Airfoillabs 172 COM error

Postby tasev1 » Tue Jan 12, 2021 8:21 pm

This is just a tip for those pilots that fly the latest AFL 172 build in PE in case you run into this problem at a critical moment.

I was handed off from Socal Approach to Palomar tower; I switched from COM 2 to COM1 (transmit and receive switches both correct). Despite that, I was still receiving both tower and approach thus not being able to effectively communicate my approach or receive the landing clearance. Took me a few moments to figure it out as I was busy managing the procedure.

To fix it, press the inactive com receive button on then off again to reset (treat it like a stuck button).

Hope this helps someone before it happens!

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