Audio input via non headset mic? Pilotedge disconnected.

Audio input via non headset mic? Pilotedge disconnected.

Postby miner_tom » Sun Apr 18, 2021 2:31 pm

I have pilotedge working on X Plane, with a headset connected to a USB converter. No problems there.

My flight instructor wanted to sit in on a flight but we can't use two headsets with my setup.

I figured that i could have the audio output sent to the 5.1 speakers and have the audio input be a separate microphone.

I configured this in Windows 10 and tested the speakers and the microphone input.

However, when I ran X Plane and then connected to Pilotedge, Pilotedge gave me an audio message "sound is disconnected". So, I am wondering if there is something in my configuration missing that would allow a separate microphone other than from a headset.

Thank You
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Re: Audio input via non headset mic? Pilotedge disconnected.

Postby Kevin_atc » Sun Apr 18, 2021 2:35 pm

No need to get too fancy with it, just use the receiver app:

Or AeroNavMap if you have an iOS device.
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Re: Audio input via non headset mic? Pilotedge disconnected.

Postby Keith Smith » Mon Apr 19, 2021 6:58 am

If you had specifically selected the USB headset to be the input/output device via the PilotEdge preferences in the past, then if you disconnect the USB headset, the plugin is going to try to use your saved preference (the headset), fail, and throw that error. The solution is to not disconnect the USB headset prior to swapping to another device via the preferences. Or, if you do disconnect the headset before altering the preferences (as may have happened here), then delete your saved audio preferences by removing the pilots/VSPro Resources/VSProSound.ini file before starting xplane.

That way, it will use the OS-level default devices, which you can then override as needed from the prefs screen.

I swap to using speaker-based output on a regular is as simple as going into the prefs and choosing the other output device in real time. What gets complicated is if you start removing devices from your system (ie, USB headset) if you've told the the plugin to use that device.
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