Bucket List items RL flying EGE, TEX, LXV video

Bucket List items RL flying EGE, TEX, LXV video

Postby Kilstorm » Fri Apr 30, 2021 9:30 am

So I flew out to Denver and drove to Eagle, CO. I've been here for a couple of days knocking out some bucket list items:
Landing & Take Offs at
Eagle KEGE
Telluride KTEX
Leadville KLXV highest airport in North America
High Performance Endorsement C182 230hp
Learning to fly in the Mountains
Plane with Tundra Tires
1st Flight Review
So in FSE I own the FBO at Eagle KEGE all 3 lots 9 gates and its been part of my favorite route since it's tower controlled in PilotEdge . KDEN KEGE KASE KTEX due to airport addons from Orbx, FlightBeam and the one that does Aspen. I also own a 1 lot FBO at Denver KDEN but flying the PMDG JS41 KDEN KEGE then the Aerosoft Twotter KEGE KASE all towered on PilotEdge with sometimes trips to KTEX. Controllers might know me at Rocky Mountain 24 Or Skywest 215.
Anyway KEGE has been my pride and joy and to finally fly in and out there over the past 3 days and conduct my 1st flight review there was awesome.

I ended up logging 5.5 hours, 7 landings and busted the 60 hours threshold on my Pilot hours. I used Alpine Flight school out of Eagle and the C182 wasnt a bad rental price of $199.00/hr.

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Re: Bucket List items RL flying EGE, TEX, LXV video

Postby FDXDave » Sun May 02, 2021 10:28 pm

Congrats buddy. I bet that was breathtaking.
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