Flight Planner

Flight Planner

Postby davenicoll » Tue Jun 08, 2021 8:53 am

Hi Guys,

I am seriously considering subscribing to Pilot Edge. I live in the UK.

Can anybody recommend a good flight planning tool, either free or payware. Not to complicated as i will only fly up to a Twin (Duke Turbine) as I am not familiar with airports "Across the pond"

I will be flying either Prepar3d v5.1 or MSFS 2020 (Have the Piper Seminole)

Thank you

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Re: Flight Planner

Postby Scott Medeiros » Tue Jun 08, 2021 9:22 am

You could try Little Navmap https://albar965.github.io/ or Skyvector https://skyvector.com/. Both options are free.
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Re: Flight Planner

Postby FDXDave » Wed Jun 09, 2021 12:10 am

There's also Simbrief. Also free and very good.


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