SKY-3 NDB . great fun

SKY-3 NDB . great fun

Postby ChuckOman » Thu Sep 06, 2018 9:53 am

Loved Sky-3, both for the scenery and the challenge of the raw data NDB ODP and approach.

It's been years, and I found I'd forgotten all the complicated "double the error.." stuff I was once taught.
But two simple gouges stuck:

1) On any intercept heading, the needle is always gonna move from ahead to behind
2) Fly so you "push the needle" - decide which direction (left or right) you want the ADF needle (head or tail) to move on the RMI. Then turn so your heading is a bit on the opposite side of the needle. As it needle moves in, reduce the "push".

Worked for me.
Anyone know any other ADF gouges that are easy to remember ?

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Re: SKY-3 NDB . great fun

Postby Scott Medeiros » Sun Sep 09, 2018 3:37 pm

“Correction = Deflection”

To remain on course with a crosswind component, the degree of crab will equal the degrees the needle will be off the nose.

Example: Flying the full KCOS NDB 35L approach from BRK, with winds from the west. You determine a 15* RIGHT crab angle is required to hold the outbound 172* course. Upon completing the procedure turn your inbound heading should be 337* (352*-15* LEFT crab), and the needle should be deflected 15* right of the nose (which is crabbed left into the wind). If your ADF has a moveable compass card, a good technique is to match the card to actual heading so that when the ADF needle points to desired course, you’re on course.
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