MSFS Options for Model Matching Default Aircraft

MSFS Options for Model Matching Default Aircraft

Postby Scott Medeiros » Tue Jan 19, 2021 9:13 pm

The "Default Model" found in the MSFS PilotEdge Client settings controls what aircraft your simulator will display when no other similar models exist in your sim. This option may be left alone, or can be edited by the user as a way to select which aircraft you'll see when no better matches exist.

Example: Another user connects to the network as a Cessna Skymaster (C337). If this model does not exist in your MSFS simulator, the PE client will attempt to find a similar aircraft model to match. If no similar aircraft match is found, the client falls back to the "Default Model" and draws that aircraft in your simulator. If your default is an Airbus A330, that other pilot's C337 shows up as a A330 (which can look quite out of place at Oceano Co. Airport). In order to avoid this, we'll edit the "Default Model".

You may use any ONE of the following entries, and it must be copied EXACTLY into the "Default Model" space in the PilotEdge Client settings.
Entries highlighted in GREEN are best suited for high performance as AI models. Entries highlighted in BLUE may impact frame rates on lower performance computers.

Single Engine Pistons:
Generic single engine piston (Similar to Beech Debonair) Generic Piston Single Engine Asobo 00
Cessna 172 Cessna 172SP Asobo AirTraffic 00
Aviat Pitts Special S2S Pitts Asobo
Beechcraft Bonanza G36 Bonanza G36 Asobo
Cessna 152 Cessna 152 Asobo
Cub Crafter X Cub Asobo XCub
Diamond DA40NG DA40-NG Asobo
EXTRA 330LT Extra 330 Asobo
Flight Design CTLS FlightDesignCT Asobo
JMB VL-3 VL3 Asobo
Robin Cap10 Mudry Cap 10 C
Robin DR400/100 Cadet DR400 Asobo
Zlin Savage Cub Asobo Savage Cub

Multi-Engine Pistons:
Generic multi-engine piston (Similar to Beech Baron) Generic Piston Multi Engines Asobo 00
Diamond DA62 DA62 Asobo

Generic twin turboprop (Similar to Embraer Bandeirante) Generic Turbo Multi Engines Asobo 00
Generic single turboprop (Similar to Pilatus PC12) Generic Turbo Single Engine Asobo 00
Beechcraft King Air 350i Beechcraft King Air 350i Asobo
Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX Cessna 208B Grand Caravan EX
Daher TBM 930 TBM 930 Asobo AirTraffic 00

Private Jets:
Generic private jet (Similar to Citation II) Generic Private Jet Asobo 00
Cessna Citation CJ4 Cessna CJ4 Citation Asobo

Generic Airliner (Similar to A380): Generic Airliner Quad Engines Asobo 00
Generic Airliner (Similar to A330): Generic Airliner Twin Engines Asobo 00
Airbus A320neo: Airbus A320 Neo Asobo AirTraffic 00
Boeing 747-8: Boeing 747-8i Asobo

If you're experiencing errors related to the PE Client being unable to find your "Default Model" aircraft, first make sure the entry matches one of the above EXACTLY! This entry must match the aircraft title found in the aircraft.cfg exactly in order to locate the exact model to use.
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