Lost Comms in X-Plane 10.5

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Re: Lost Comms in X-Plane 10.5

Postby John Bakelaar » Mon Jan 23, 2017 6:07 am

I've had issues similar to Jon. Lately, while preparing on the ramp, I've had to disconnect/reconnect a few times in order to establish comms. I didn't have that problem until recently. I've been flying on PE since the middle of December and strictly using XP11.
John Bakelaar
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Re: Lost Comms in X-Plane 10.5

Postby flyingdrill » Tue Apr 04, 2017 2:29 am

I had lost comms twice yesterday (XP 10.5 on a Mac), and I now think it was my fault too. Embarrassing. Flying the Carenado Aztec. It's a sim, so I rarely bother with the checklist or a run-up. The generator switches are black in black panels, and are on the bottom of the panel by the co-pilot side. Even worse, the gauge, warning lights and switch to check each gen., are on the extreme right side of the panel, and well out of normal front view. The master switch is also the standard red split switch. So, in both cases, I just forgot to put the generators on........
Annoyingly, although one loses the radios, the GPS display, all the lights, the turn co-ordinator, etc., etc., all work normally. I should have checked the gauge periodically, but.........

Mea culpa, and I will apologise to the controllers when I get a chance, and they are not busy. The first flight was a long one, and it was excellent practice to use the proper lost comms procedure, squawk 7600, get to the field as in my clearance, maintain proper altitudes and fly the approach - particularly as I was flying in either full IMC or on top of solid cloud till I was around 1000' AGL on the approach. The second time, I was on the ground, and just waiting fora clearance.

I could see I was still connected to PE, and the main flight was recorded properly. Nevertheless, I reinstalled the PE client last night - but I later saw this thread and realised that I needn't have bothered.
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